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"The law says, “Do this,” and it is never done. Grace says, “Believe in this,” and everything is already done." - Martin Luther from the Heidelberg Disputation

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Church Facebook Page

Please see the new Peace Lutheran Facebook page at


Sunday School Blog

See the new Sunday school blog at for Sunday School news, announcements, weekly lessons, and weekly scripture.

The link is also located in the Sunday School section under Education for Youth.


October 23rd - Bunco Night

Come join us for an evening of fun and fellowship, and BUNCO on October 23rd in the fellowship hall at church. It’s an easy game to learn so don’t be afraid to come try even if you’ve never played.


Bible Studies

Women's Bible Study on Romans - 1st and 3rd Mondays

Monday Morning Bible Study - 2nd & 4th, 9am at The Brew

Monday Evening Bible Study - 2nd & 4th, 7pm at Doris Evans’ home 1331 Hazel Street

Early Bird Bible Study - 1st & 3rd Monday, 6:30am at Smokey Row

Sisterhood Bibley Study - 1st & 3rd Monday, 8pm at Smokey Row

Philia Circle - 2nd Tuesday, 9:30am at the Church