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Peace Lutheran Church of Pella, Iowa was called by the Holy Spirit to be a mission congregation and continues to breathe missionary zeal into us.The mission that began with worship and education now includes servant ministries to the hungry, outcast, homeless, diseased and lost. Our passion for mission takes us across the Atlantic to East Africa to support AIDS orphans and widows, dig a well and build an orphanage.

While being ecumenical and global partners with many, we continue as partners with each other at this mission outpost called Peace. Our worship leads to learning; our learning leads us to give; our giving leads us to serve; our service leads us to worship.

Join us in breathing the Holy Spirit’s breath of mission and in bringing glory to God revealed in Jesus Christ

Peace Lutheran is part of the Southeastern Iowa Synod.

Mission Statement

Sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ through Worship, Education, Outreach, and Service.