Quilting for Lutheran World Relief

Once a month the women of Peace gather to make quilts. New and used fabric is donated for this purpose. Many people spend hours at home to prepare quilt tops, backs, and liners so that there is an ample supply of pieces for pinning together and tying on work days. A couple of volunteers take home the prepared quilts to be hemmed.

The quilts are delivered once a year to an Ankeny collection site in the fall. After the quilts are delivered to the Ankeny site, the quilts are then shipped to the Lutheran World Relief warehouse in Minnesota and prepared for shipment to places around the world as needed.

The women of Peace have been working on quilts for Lutheran World Relief since the fall of 1976, even before the official formation of Peace Lutheran Church.

If you would like to donate to the Quilters of Peace, please drop off your donations at the church with a note labeled Peace Quilters. Any clean large fabric pieces, colored sheets, and blankets that are in good condition would be appreciated. Your donations help make this mission possible.

For more information about LWR Quilt please visit Lutheran World Relief Quilts.