Spiritual Life/Vice President


  • Preside over congregational and council meetings when the president is absent.
  • Provide spiritual leadership in the congregation.
  • Assist the pastor with providing a meaningful worship experience for all member of the congregation.
  • Responsible for recruiting and training worship assistants volunteers.
  • Works with the head of Altar Guild/Care and helps obtain worship supplies.
  • Works with the keyboardists and involved in lining up new keyboardist when needed.
  • Lines up volunteers for special music and helps them obtain music if needed.
  • Works with others and helps obtain materials and supplies when needed.
  • Consults with the pastor to arrange for guest pastors/preachers and other assistance as needed.
  • Is supportive of the pastor and their family when needed.
  • Works to provide proper care for hymnals, bibles, and other materials.
  • Works with the pastor and others to provide availability of bibles, hymnals, and other materials.

In charge of

  • Worship materials
  • Training volunteer worship assistants